The GenChem system was created over many years:

David Simpson, Norwegian Meteorological Institute & Chalmers, 1998-2020: wrote original scripts, the boxChem system, assorted helper scripts (do.GenChem,, etc.), and python3 conversion.

Alan Briolat, Stockholm Environment Institute at York, 2013: wrote the first python version:

Hannah Imhof, Chalmers, 2016: added extra flexibility and types of arrays (e.g. factor groups), plus further scripts. Added CRI and MCM chemical mechanisms.

John Johansson, Chalmers, 2017-2020: worked with and improved many scripts from the GenChem system.

Robert Bergström, Chalmers and SMHI, 2017-2020: development of chemical mechanisms (e.g. EmChem19a family, VBS schemes) for gas and aerosols.

Alvaro Valdebenito, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, 2018-2019, various bug-fixes and updates. Added pollen.

Michael Priestley, Univ. Gothenburg, 2020. Added Docker system and testing for Windows PCs.